Tips on Reading a Book Effectively

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What is Speed Reading? Some people are naturally fast readers. For example, John F. Kennedy was reported to read at 1,000 words per minute. Speed Reading techniques are based on how the eye and brain are able to easily process this level of words per minute and beyond.

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Get an idea of the time it will take to read the book. If you do not have enough time, what are your priorities? Do you need to read every line, every chapter? So what happens if you do not read this book?

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In this age of electronic gadgets and wireless technology, mobile phones, netbooks and laptops are among the most widely used electronic devices that do more than what they are specifically designed to do. But there is one gadget that has steadily climbed up the ranks in terms of functionality and innovative design. The electronic book reader, or eBook reader for short, is quite the revolutionary Kindle Fire reading device, especially among avid readers and book enthusiasts.

How Can I Increase My Reading Speed? With the right instruction, learning to increase your reading speed can be fun and easy. This article compares three books on the subject of Speed Reading/Photo Reading.

An example, if you are curled up in bed reading the latest thriller novel, it is unlikely you are going to want to be speed reading. The reason: first, because you have spent a lot of money on the novel and so want to make it last

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