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Singtel TV cuts number of channels but not charges

asked 2019-02-24 23:08:20 -0500

diane253 gravatar image

After buying the Action Value pack from Singtel TV for $69.90 a month, I noticed last year that several of the channels were no longer available for viewing. 바카라

I was informed by Singtel customer service staff that there was nothing they could do.

Now in 2019, an additional three channels have become unavailable.

Why is it that I am paying the same monthly amount when there are fewer channels to watch than before? This seems unfair to customers, Singtel should either provide replacement channels or reduce our monthly bills.

During my last call to Singtel customer service, I was given the same robotic response of not being able to do anything. 바카라사이트

I was told that it was in the terms and conditions of the contract that I had signed, but as a lay person, Singtel should have highlighted this to me before I signed.

I was also told that I was not the only person facing this problem, and I could choose to purchase additional channels if I wanted.

My question to Singtel is this: if we customers want to cancel our contracts, we are penalised, but is Singtel holding up its own end of the bargain?

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answered 2019-04-25 12:22:03 -0500

johnsnow gravatar image

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