Check for 3-year-old cars a waste of money

asked 2019-01-30 07:00:48 -0500

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Recently, I completed my vehicle assessment inspection required by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) for vehicles three years and older. This requirement for cars in Singapore has been in force for many years. 온라인바카라

However, I wonder if it is a waste of money and resources to impose this requirement when a car is only three years old.

Singapore is already one of the most expensive places in the world to own a car, andmost car owners treat their cars very carefully.

Many new cars also come with a three-or five-year warranty, so the maintenance of the vehicle is taken care of. With technological advances, most cars are often trouble-free for the first five years. 카지노사이트주소

Singapore has excellent roads and the cars here are subjected to much less road abuse. As the use of cars is restricted here, especially with the car-lite movement and our excellent public transport system, many people use their cars only on an as-needed basis.

I wonder how many three-year-old cars have failed the inspection in the past decade.

The authorities should consider making these inspections compulsory only after five years.

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