Celebrate William Farquhar's contributions too

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This year, we mark our country's bicentenary (Bicentennial showcase by creative NDP veterans; Dec 9, 2018). 온라인바카라

While Sir Stamford Raffles has mostly been credited for the establishment of the trading post in Singapore, let's not forget the very important role Major-General William Farquhar played.

Without Maj-Gen Farquhar, there may not be a Singapore as we know it today. He negotiated and drafted the treaty that was signed by the Sultan of Johor and Sir Raffles.

Sir Raffles left Singapore soon after the trading post was established and appointed Maj-Gen Farquhar as first British Resident and Commandant of Singapore. 카지노사이트주소

Before this appointment, Maj-Gen Farquhar was the Resident of Malacca and was highly regarded by the European traders and community as well as the regional and Chinese traders during his time there.

Because of this, the European traders and others followed him to Singapore, rapidly making this island the centre of trade in this area.

In celebrating Singapore's bicentennial, we must also highlight the very important role played by Maj-Gen Farquhar.

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