Not fair to compare Scoot and SIA

asked 2019-01-10 02:30:03 -0500

diane253 gravatar image

I disagree with Ms Stacy Wong's points regarding Scoot's management of the flight delay on two grounds (Scoot needs to take serious look at crisis management method; Jan 5).

First, for an airline a technical delay does not constitute a "crisis". An accident with a loss of lives, or a serious financial problem, would be a crisis. 인터넷카지노

Second, Scoot is a low-cost carrier and sells its services as such. These airlines are known to provide a level of service at airports and other customer service areas often referred to as "no-frills".

If passengers want Singapore Airlines (SIA) service levels, then they should pay SIA fares and travel with SIA. Comparing what SIA did when faced with a delay with what Scoot did is not a fair comparison.

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