Carry warning labels on high-sugar foods

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According to the American Heart Association, children aged two to 18 should not consume more than six teaspoons of added sugar per day. 온라인바카라

To put things in perspective, a 330ml can of cola contains around seven to nine teaspoons of sugar.

Children already exceed the recommended daily sugar intake on a regular basis, but during festive seasons, this consumption goes to another level since sugar-loaded treats seem to have become part and parcel of our celebrations.

While obesity and tooth decay are the more obvious problems related to high sugar intake, there are less apparent side effects such as hyperactivity and diabetes.

The good news is that the Health Promotion Board is aware of the problem, and aims to cut the sugar intake here by a quarter by 2020. 카지노사이트주소

Still, in view of the dangers posed by high sugar intake, it might be time to act now and for warning labels to be carried on high-sugar foods.

Products already carry their nutritional information, but people often ignore it.

Perhaps a visual warning on a product may be able to deter parents from purchasing it for their child, or at least cause them to limit their child's consumption of it.

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