Debate on mynah issue healthy for society

asked 2019-01-10 01:54:13 -0500

diane253 gravatar image

I cannot agree with Mr Peh Chwee Hoe that we should stop debating over the mynah issue just because one solution has been found (Don't entertain debate if solution is working; Jan 7). 바카라사이트

Yes, some considered the birds a menace and sought the help of the relevant authorities, who captured and euthanised the birds.

But that does not mean we sit back and relax.

Do we approach every issue in the same way? Don't we think things through thoroughly before zeroing in on possible solutions? 인터넷카지노

Should we not look around to see if we can find a better and non-invasive solution? Or do we just assume that only a minority thinks that the solution is not humane and therefore we they can be ignored?

Much debate on the mynah issue has taken place on print and social media and such debates must continue to take place, be it on isolated issues such as this or on bigger societal issues that matter to all of us.

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