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96 had reached the village Laxmipur Bind Toli in the night of 11. The next legislative change in Section 350 of the Code of 1898 was brought about by Act 26 of 1955. Both PW4 and PW5 were, according to the prosecution case itself, eye witnesses of the occurrence and had removed the deceased to the hospital. With that, in subsection (1) of the Section for the words " or he may re- summon the witnesses and recommence the inquiry or trial" and the proviso, the following proviso was substituted: According to some jurists, the repugnancy may also arise between a pre--Constitutional best law firms in Chandigarh made by the then Provin- cial Legislature which continues to be legal in Chandigarh force by virtue top lawyer in Chandigarh of Article 372 and the postConstitutional advocate Chandigarh law of the Parliament in which case by virtue of the first part of Article 254 [1], the law made by the Parliament shall prevail, notwithstanding that the Provincial Legislature was competent to make the best Chandigarh law firm prior to the commencement of the Constitution.

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