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The right guaranteed by Art. Co-operative Factories Federation Ltd. It appears, if one may borrow the words of Sir Roger de Coverley, 'there is much to be said on both sides'. 30(1) gives the minority the full liberty to establish educational institutions of its own choice. , but the question is whether rules so framed by the Cane Commissioner would override the Service Regulations 1975. While a regulation framed by an authority constituted under sub-sec. In view 764 of our conclusion on the other issues we do not want to venture an opinion on this question.

These Rules provide that they Best Law Firm in Chandigarh shall apply to all the employees of the U. 122(1) of the Act and authorised to frame regulations regulating the conditions of service of employees of the Co-operative Societies including those of Apex Level Societies. 121(1) would stand superseded. 122 and approved by the State Government shall prevail. Co-operative Sugar Factories Federation Service Rules 1976 have been framed by the Cane Commissioner under sub-sec.

Every quasi-judicial order must be supported by reasons. 30(1) of the Constitution. In this view the provisions of the U. This well-settled principle will undoubtedly apply to orders made by a Court in disposing of writ applications. It appears that this position was realised by the State Government and for that reason it issued Notification No. The detenu could not gain anything further by producing the witnesses before the Advisory Board for their statements.

August 6, 1977 constituting the Commissioner and Secretary Sugar Industry and Cane Development Department as authority under sub-sec. The same view was also reiterated Best Law Firm in Chandigarh Siemen Engineering AIR 1976 SC 1785 and Bachhan Singh v. 122 requires approval of the State Government and on such approval the regulation so framed supersedes any rules made under sec. Daulat Rao and others[1974] INSC 278

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