Senior Law Firms in India for Rent

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10(a) The written Constitution by its very nature as the embodiment of the 'fundamental Law Firm in Chandigarh of the land makes it imperative for Courts to determine the meaning of its parts in keeping with its broad and basic purposes and objectives. In Hari Charan(2) Gajendragadkar, C. "The doctrine of "implied prohibition" against the exercise of a power once ascertained in accordance with ordinary rules of construction, was definitely rejected by the Privy Council in Webb v.

But, the, use of the words "or otherwise" (in article 356) show that Presidential satisfaction could be based on other material as well. " If we may add, the little, large Indian shall not be hijacked from the course of free and fair elections by mob muscle methods, or subtle perversion of discretion by men dressed in little, brief authority. State of Maharashtra

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