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will SEO survive in 2019

asked 2018-12-03 05:12:57 -0500

As the use of social media and paid advertising is raising in digital marketing the questions arise is whether seo or organic traffic will survive in 2019 or not ? i personally believe seo will never end although it might be affected by paid ads or social media marketing and if you are worried about the cost of seo which is the cost of tools then you should go for seo group buy tools as it might cost you somewhere about $8A month only but as the name shows group buy seo tools these tools are shared by group of people so your data is not private whenever you can afford personal account and pay 150$ a month then you can get over seo group buy

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answered 2018-12-06 06:23:44 -0500

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updated 2018-12-06 06:23:44 -0500

SEO always be survive because if you use advertisement then this is very expensive even on every click you have to pay. and the manual seo is better if you apply a good seo then you can be a first in 3 to 4 months. i am also a SEO specialist my recent project are: website designing in dubai, i have no issue at all. even if you see your self you also applied a manual links/ seo. the person who said about this type of unusual topic they also apply manual SEO

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