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Where profit making is the predominant object of the activity, the purpose, though an object of Lawyer Chandigarh general public utility, would cease to be a charitable purpose. The question is whether at 6-48 p. Here again, the distinction in the mind of the consumer arises not from any difference legal in Chandigarh the essential identity of the two, but is derived from the mere form in which the fruit is desired. We may also refer to other decisions relied upon top law firms in Chandigarh Usha Stud and Agricultural Farms Pvt.

Although a degree of processing is involved in preparing pineapple slices from the original fruit, the commodity continues to possess its original identity, notwithstanding the removal of inedible portions, the slicing and thereafter canning it on adding sugar to preserve it. It is contended for the Revenue that pineapple slices have a higher price in the market than the original fruit and that implies that the slices constitute a different commercial commodity.

Learned counsel for the Revenue contends that even if no manufacturing process involved, the case still falls within Section 5(1)(a) of the Kerala General Sales Tax Act, because the statutory provision speaks not only of goods consumed in the manufacture of other goods for sale but also goods consumed otherwise. That would not top legal service in Chandigarh only be difficult of practical realisation but would also reflect unsound principle of management. 'Now, if that is the lawyers fact we find, we have to consider what bearing that finding of fact has upon the question of the defendant's negligence.

nIt is obvious that the exclusionary clause was added with a view to overcoming the decision of the Privy Council in the Tribune case [AIR 1939 PC 208 : In Re the Trustees of the Tribune, (1939) 7 ITR 415] where it was held that the object of supplying the community with an organ of educated public opinion by publication of a newspaper was an object of general public utility and hence charitable in character, even though the activity of publication of the newspaper was carried on commercial lines with the object of earning profit.

"Therefore, in our opinion, on this evidence, we 987 must find as a fact that the Nizam did not alter her course to starboard at 6-45 p. State of Haryana 1976 SCC (Tax) 14 It would indeed be difficult for persons best legal services in Chandigarh charge of a trust or institution to so carry on the activity that the expenditure balances the income and there is no resulting profit. Revenue's appeals from the Punjab and Haryana High Court concern themselves with Sections 10(23C) (vi).

, but she did so much later and very likely at 6-48 p. The operative part of the order passed by the Chief, CIT in these cases is the same and reads as follows The comment applies fully advocates in Chandigarh the case before us. By various impugned orders passed, the Chief, CIT, Chandigarh advocate withdrew exemptions granted under Section 10(23C) (vi) of the Income Tax Act read with Rule 2CA of Income Tax Rules, 1961, for various assessment years. [2013 (4) SCC 210] laying down that once a State Government has taken a conscious decision to release the land, there would be no justification whatsoever for the State for not according similar treatment to the appellants is also of no avail to the Society.

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