Top 10 Advocates in Supreme Court of India - Simranjeet Law Associates 815, Sec 16D, Chandigarh - Not known Facts About Advocate

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The Courts below referred to the telegram that best Chandigarh advocates Dr. consist legal services in Chandigarh wholly or mainly in the holding top Chandigarh lawyers Of investments or other property ". The Courts below have not accepted this explanation. Alternatively, it is contended that even if the Act applies to a religious institution in Bihar a small part of the property of which is in Bihar, the provisions of the Act can have no application to such property of the institution as is outside Bihar, such as the Calcutta properties in the present case. 9 and there is nothing to indicate in the definition of the word " business " as given lawyer in Chandigarh the main portion of s.

245 and 246 of the Constitution read with item 28 of the Concurrent List, the Bihar legislature which passed the Act had no power to make a law which has operation outside the State of Bihar

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