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After the licences were received by the Company from the office of the Joint Chief Controller of Imports and Exports, Bombay, the Company placed orders for the goods covered by these licences and some of the goods actually arrived at Bombay. The total value of the imports authorised by these five licences was Rs. On September 27, Company wrote a letter to the same officer in which they gave a written explanation pointing out various facts and stating that they were victims of foul play by some person interested in causing damage to them and involving their reputation and in order to bring them in bad books with the authorities.

On the date fixed for hearing, the Court should require proof of the matters mentioned under s. The petitioner Company wrote in each case to the Chief Controller of Imports and Exports, New Delhi, acknowledging receipt of these letters and at the same time to the Joint Chief Controller of Imports and Exports, Bombay, requesting that the licences should be issued to them at an early date. There is also a prayer for an order on the second respondent, the Collector of Customs, Bombay, directing him to assess the goods of the petitioner Company which have been landed in Bombay having been imported on the strength of these licences and allow the petitioner company to clear them.

----------------------------------------------------------- Description of Period of Time from which period application Limitation begins to run ----------------------------------------------------------- For the execution Three years

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