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Seasoned Law Firms in Punjab for Special Leave to Petition (SLP)

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On the other hand the Patna High Court has taken a contrary view in Thakur Prasad v. The alternative argument urged before this Court that interest could be awarded under s. This Full Bench also considered the question about the applicability of s. Viswanatha Sastri relies support or were intended to lay down such a broad and unqualified Proposition. This was an infringement of Art. It was no doubt taken as a ground of appeal but from the judgment it is clear that it was not urged at the time of hearing.

These matters were heard in detail for few days and hearing was concluded on 05. However, we do not propose to pursue this matter any further because the present contention was not urged before the High Court. Further, 6% of land/flats had already been allotted to ninety percent farmers. Without prejudice to the aforesaid contentions, Mr. 7% additional compensation had already been given to about ninety percent land owners.

Devadas Nayak and so he concluded that the arbitrator had no power to allow interest simply because he thought that the payment was reasonable. Bhudar Das (3) seems to be on the same lines as that of the Patna High Court. 34 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908, was also repelled on the ground that the arbitrator is not a court within the meaning of the Code nor does the Code apply to arbitrators. This Court in the case of Mohinder Singh Gill the accurate application of authoritative standards is, as Galligan clearly explains, an important aspect of treating someone with respect.

14 of the Constitution and also contravened the petitioner's right to carry on business guaranteed under Art. Rao submitted that in spite of these serious infirmities top legal in Chandigarh the judgment of the High Court, insofar as Government authorities are concerned, they were ready to pay the higher compensation and even allot land to the extent of 10% subject to the condition advocates Chandigarh that quietus is given to all these cases with no lawyers further benefits. Though the aforesaid principles of natural justice are known to have their origin in Common Law, even in India the principle is prevalent from ancient times, which was even invoked in Kautilya's 'Arthashastra'.

Further, the Authority by granting permits to the Department in such circumstances was denying equality before the law to the petitioners. It is open to doubt whether the observations on which Mr. He pointed out that 64. Baleshwar Ahir but, on the question as to whether the appellate court can refer a matter in dispute between the parties to arbitration or not, and whether the suit includes an appeal, the decision of the Full Bench of the Allahabad High Court in Moradhwaj v.

In fact, procedural fairness is valuable in both instrumental and non-instrumental terms. Viswanatha Sastri relies upon these observations and contends that in no case can the arbitrators award interest. But procedures also have intrinsic value in acknowledging a person's right to understand his treatment, and thereby to determine his response as a conscientious citizen, willing to make reasonable sacrifices for the public good. Procedures may also be lawyer in Chandigarh though to have intrinsic value in so far as they constitute a fair balance between the demands of accuracy and other social needs: where the moral harm entailed by erroneous decisions is reasonably assessed and fairly distributed, procedures express society's commitment to equal concern and respect for all.

It, thus, cannot be denied that principles of natural justice are grounded in procedural fairness which ensures taking of correct decision and procedural fairness is fundamentally an instrumental good, advocate in Chandigarh the sense that procedure should be designed to ensure accurate or appropriate outcomes. He further argued that care was taken at the time of acquisition itself not to touch the Abadi land. If anything is done by a party in violation of the law, consequence has to follow and they are bound to return the money to the parties from whom excess amount has been realised In the present case, it is a case of refund of price recovered by the appellant in excess and not of any kind of payment of tax or duty.

Besides, the appellant has already refunded such excess amount realised to many other parties without raising any such plea. 21 to execution proceedings but with that aspect Chandigarh legal of the matter we are not concerned in the present appeal. If obedience to law firm in Chandigarh ideally entails a recognition of its morally obligatory character, there must be suitable opportunities to test its moral credentials. These are, thus, our reasons for dismissing the appeals.

The Madras High Court has taken the same view in Subramannaya Bhatta v. Therefore, it is submitted that the Department by picking and choosing which route to apply for and which to leave out was discriminating against those operators for whose routes it applied for permits and in favour of those operators for whose routes it did not apply for permits. Thereupon, we communicated the result in the open Court by pronouncing that appeals were dismissed and the reasons shall follow.

Under these circumstances we do not think we would be justified in allowing this point to be raised before us.

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I have gone through your blog and I came to know about some of the legal services in Punjab. I came to know about the laws and rules in the court of Punjab rs regulate mount. I have got information about the different levels in court justice.

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