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The printing industry would therefore, refer to products of various industries other than the printing industry stricto senso, which has printed material on them. Newspapers, which are included within entry 49. top legal service in Chandigarh the Explanatory Notes of HSN which have already been referred to, Item 10 refers to self adhesive printed stickers. As per custody certificate petitioner Saurabh Bakshi has undergone 24 days as on 30. The receipt is taken on record. The defence of respondent no.

On CITES apprising the DGFT with the aforesaid position best advocate in Chandigarh top law firms in Chandigarh, DGFT sprung into action and issued the show cause notice to respondent no. 1 had the permission of the said authority granted to him vide letter dated 11. have already been considered by decisions of various Benches of this Court that have been referred to in the course of our analysis. 1 under Section 124 of the Customs Act, 1962 for confiscation of the aforesaid trophy sought to be imported by it.

lawyers A simple example will suffice. The submission of the appellant was that the word 'sub-tenant' should be in the plural and of the respondent that it should be in the singular but whether it is in the singular or plural it does not make any difference to the principal argument advanced in this Court. 35,000/- to the LRs of Jagdish Ram. 85,000/- before the trial court as compensation to be paid to the LRs of deceased Jagdish Ram and Swinder Kumar @ Tinku.

At the same time, even if death sentence is to be awarded, it has to be in accord with due dignity. nThe other argument, namely, that the expression "printing industry" that is referred to hereinabove, which would refer to an industry which includes printing presses and nothing beyond, is also in our opinion not correct. State of Punjab[9]), we do not have to travel to that extent. One other interesting thing needs to be noted.

1 was that it is the Chief Wildlife Warden under the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972, who was competent authority to grant the permission and respondent no. The compensation shall be divided as Rs. We find that the various factors mentioned top lawyers in Chandigarh the test evolved by Chandrachud, J. The Government was also right in his submission, in taking a policy decision in not granting any further extensions. 50,000/- to the LRs of Swinder Kumar @ Tinku and Rs. Thereafter, the Law Commission of India brought out a consultation paper on 'Mode of Execution of Death Sentence and Incidental Matters' and made comparative analysis of hanging, intravenous lethal injection and shooting as the mode of execution.

2000 and that the Scheme including Clause 10 in its entirety ceased to be operative thereafter. 01 are obviously products of the newspaper industry and not of the printing industry as is contended by Shri Radhakrishnan in the narrow sense noted above. top legal in Chandigarh the submission of the learned counsel, the right to seek an extension of the validity period beyond the cut off date would survive only if such right was an accrued right, which was not so in the present case.

In compliance of order dated 19. 2013, the petitioner has deposited Rs. He further submitted that GR dated 28. While undertaking this study, the Law Commission also recognized and emphasized standards of human decency top legal service in Chandigarh the following words: In this country, however, since the death penalty has been held to be constitutionally valid (See Bachan Singh v. In the said decision in paragraph 15 is relevant which reads as under: Sibal, learned senior counsel then relied upon the decision reported in Ambica Quarry Works (supra) to repel the submission made on behalf of the first respondent that the non-grant of approval under Section 2 of the Forest Act, 1980 will be of no consequence as the continued existence of the lease which was granted prior to coming into force of the Forest Act, 1980 and it came to be renewed in the year 1983 after the Forest Act came into force.

2000, rather than detracting from the Scheme granted further extension to such units and as such cases for extension after the period of operation of the Scheme had come to an end must and ought to be governed by G. From their conclusions, many of which have been extracted by us in toto, it appears that this Court has always considered the power of judicial review vested in the High Courts and in this Court under Articles 226 and 32 respectively, enabling legislative action to be subjected to the scrutiny of superior courts, to be integral to our constitutional scheme.

2000 which period was further extended up to 30. did not contemplate any extension, the State Level Committee was right in not exercising any powers for grant of extension. The parties were not agreed as to the correctness of the translation of this term. This was so stated in the 35th Report of the Law Commission on Capital Punishment way back in the year 1967. Pritesh Kapur learned advocate in Chandigarh appearing for the State submitted that the Scheme was to remain in force up to 31.

01 would also be attracted on the facts of this case. It is clear that if Shri Radhakrishnan were right, such stickers not being products of the printing industry as narrowly understood and not being "other products" if one were to apply the ejusdem generis rule, would obviously be outside this entry In fact, this element of human dignity is well recognized top lawyers in Chandigarh choosing the mode of execution of death sentence with general consensus that method of execution of death sentence should be such which is certain, humane, quick and decent.

Thus, construed, it is clear, that Tariff entry 49. 2000 alone and that since said G.

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