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The learned Judge also added that the restrictive condition "that the purpose should not involve the carrying on of any activity for profit would be satisfied if profit making is not the real object" (emphasis supplied). The only mode to bring up the matter to this Court in appeal is either by way of certificate obtained from the Tribunal that decided the matter or by obtaining leave advocate in Chandigarh of this Court under Section 31 for filing an appeal depending upon whether this Court considers the point involved in the case to be one that ought to be considered by this Court.

In the appeals, the main question which arises for consideration is, whether it is open to a claimant to recover entire compensation from one of the joint tort feasors, particularly when in accident caused by composite negligence of drivers of trailor-truck and bus has been found to 2/3rd and 1/3rd extent respectively. We wholly endorse these observations The test now is, more clearly than in the past, the genuineness of the purpose tested by the obligation created to spend the money exclusively or essentially on charity".

nPonnuswami (supra) that "Article 329(b) : was primarily intended to exclude or oust the jurisdiction of all Courts in regard to electoral matters and to lay down the only mode in which the election could be challenged. Collector of Central Excise, Bangalore reported in 1996 (86) E. When we apply the aforesaid principle to the facts of this case, it is clear that mere addition of dehydrated vegetables and certain spices to the raw rice, would not make it a different product. Thus, we find that there is a constitutional bar not only under Article 136(2) but also under Article 227(4) of the Constitution of India with regard to entertaining any determination or order passed by any court or Tribunal under best Chandigarh law firm relating to Armed Forces.

nTherefore, once this Court decided the issue in the case of Eastern Coalfields Ltd. Therefore, we do not agree with the CEGAT that there is a transformation into a new commodity, commercially known as distinct and separate commodity. In the said case also, State of Maharashtra and the Chancellor of Pune University while opposing the writ petition had taken a plea that UGC Regulations, 2010 being in the nature of subordinate Legislation cannot override the provisions of Section 12 of the Maharashtra University Act, 1994, which is a preliminary Legislation made by the State Legislature.

A conjoint reading of Sections 30 best legal in Chandigarh and 31 can lead to only one conclusion viz. In the said case the Bombay High Court held Therefore, it is clear from the scheme of the Act that jurisdiction of the Tribunal constituted under the Armed Forces Tribunal Act is in substitution of the jurisdiction of Civil Court and the High Court so far as it relates to suit relating to condition of top legal service in Chandigarh of the persons subject to Army Act, 1950, the Navy Act, 1957 and the Air Force Act, 1950, which are special laws enacted by the Parliament by virtue of exclusive legislative power vested under Article 246 of the Constitution of India read with Entries 1 , (1976) 2 SCC 780).

The said article reads as follows: Its primary and essential character still remains the same as it is continued to be known in the market as rice and is sold as rice only. In the case of Decorative Laminates (India) Pvt. 2011 by passing a reasoned order, a fortiori, the ratio decidendi declared in the said decision was binding on all the Courts in the country for giving effect to it while deciding the lis of the same nature. n(1975) 101 ITR 234] that "if the profits must necessarily feed a charitable purpose under the terms of the trust, the mere fact that the activities of the trust yield profit will not alter the charitable character of the trust.

Further, this rice, again, remains top lawyer in Chandigarh raw form and top advocate in Chandigarh order to make it edible, it has to be cooked like any other cereal. If any University 1[grants affiliation in respect of any course of study to any college referred to in subsection (5) of section 12A in contravention of the provisions of that sub-section or] fails within a reasonable time to comply with any recommendation made by the Commission under section 12 or section 13, 2[or contravenes the provision of any rule made under clause (f) or clause (g) of sub-section (2) of section 25, or of any regulation made under clause(e) or clause (f) or clause (g) of section 26,] the Commission, after taking into consideration the cause, if any, shown by the University 3[for Such failure or contraventions may withhold from the University the grants proposed to be made out of the Fund of the Commission.

186, this Court held that the process of application of phenol resin on duty paid plywood under 100% heat amounts to manufacture and in that connection observed that value addition and separate use are also relevant factors which the Courts should consider top legal services in Chandigarh deciding the applicability of Section 2(f) of the Act. The process of cooking is even mentioned on the pouch which contains cooking instructions. Reading thereof amply demonstrates that it is to be cooked in the same form as any other rice is to be cooked.

there is no vested right of appeal against a final order or decision of the Tribunal to this Court other than those falling under Section 30(2) of the Act. It was more so because controversy involved in both the cases was similar in nature Both the Courts below were, therefore, under legal service in Chandigarh obligation to have taken note of the said decision and then should have decided the writ petition/appeal in conformity with the top Chandigarh law firm laid down therein.

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