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On enquiry about the history of the patient by Dr. Ugale examined the person of Laxmibai and found no ornament or cash on her. Ugale found that the patient was making some involuntary movement, the corneal reflex was absent, the pupils were normal and reactive. There was a clerk sitting by the side of Dr. The patient is leaving at her own request against medical advice. Shortly afterwards the Court of Wards released the two estates. Ugale when the appellant was speaking to him and he made the necessary entries in another record of the hospital.

As a result of his own examination Dr. In Otto George Gfeller v. Ugale, the Casualty Officer in charge, admitted her 'into the hospital. Ugale, the appellant told him that the name of the unconscious woman was Indumati Paunshe and her age was forty. Ugale the appellant told him that the patient suddenly became unconscious in the train while coming from upcountry and that there was a history of similar attacks frequently before.

Ugale said that the appellant at his request spelt the name "Paunshe" and he took it down as spelt by the appellant. Thereafter, the Court of Wards passed a resolution settling the appeal on certain terms and under its instructions the lawyers for the parties presented petitions to the High Court for recording compromises in the appeals. Lagu 20-B, Shukrawar, Gala No. In that record the name of the patient appears as Indumati Pankshe. Patient was admitted on 13th July, 1950.

The King(1) the Privy Council was dealing with the case where the prosecution had established that the accused were legal services in Chandigarh in possession of goods recently stolen and the point which arose for decision was how the explanation given by the accused about his possession of the said goods would or should be considered by the jury. He said that he had brought the unconscious woman to Bombay for getting her examined by a specialist and that Lawyer Chandigarh she was his patient.

6 of the Income-tax Act, classifies the different heads of income, profits and gains into (1) salaries, and the manner of charging the same is laid down in s. She had diabetes with high blood sugar which was controlled by insulin. Ugale also said that the appellant told him that he thought that the lawyer in Chandigarh case was one of hysterical fit from 525 which she frequently suffered. Singhvi pleaded that having regard to the doctrine of stare decisis, the verdict in Jerome Fernandes (supra) advocates having held the field, over the years, the same was rightly applied by the courts below.

He urged that not only the materials on record, do unequivocally demonstrate that neither the land was a private forest nor did contain any plantation on the date of the lease and thus the same is beyond the scope of Section 3 (vii) and 3 (viii) of Act 1963 as has been consistently held by the Trial Court and the higher forums, and thus this Court in the exercise of its jurisdiction under Article 136 of Constitution of India would not, even otherwise, lightly dislodge the same.

Ugale entered in the appropriate record of the hospital called the case paper, all that the appellant told him and what he top law firms in Chandigarh himself had noticed. In that connection Sir George Rankin observed that the appellant did not (1) A. Her sputum is positive. He found nothing abnormal in the cardiovascular system or the respiration. In the instant appeal, as a reminder, though repetitive, first we shall dwell upon, in a painful manner, how some of the appellate Judges, contrary to the precedents and against the normative mandate of law, assuming a presumptuous role have paved the path of unbelievable laconicity to deal with criminal appeals which, if we permit ourselves to say, ruptures the sense of justice and punctures the criminal justice dispensation system.

advocates and Ors supra being on a different issue does not render the adjudication in Jerome Fernandes (supra) per incuriam. Two stages of thoracoplasty operation on the left side were done and there was good clearing of disease but there was a small residual cavity seen and the third stage operation was advised. from property, to be taxed in (1) (1940) A. X-Ray on admission showed extensive filtration on the left side with a large cavity in the upper zone

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