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The wages of clerks were, however, settled by a subsequent agreement bet- ween the Ahmedabad Mill Owners' Association and the Textile top lawyers in Chandigarh 221 Labour Association. As the management did not accede to their request a union of Lipton employees was formed in September 1953. There is an inherent repugnancy between the two and, therefore, if one is true, the other must be false. We are not impressed by this argument. (v) The present employees would be required to pass the required or suitable departmental examination, as specified by the Competent Authority, from time to time, in Computer application and relevant procedures within two years failing which they would not be eligible for further increments.

junior clerks, godown keepers, senior clerks, stenographers, divisional salesmen and other categories of workers, details whereof need not be set out in full at this stage. The Defendant- Seller sold the property in question to Sri Rajesh on 20. Members of the staff of the three departments were borne on a common seniority list. Admittedly, the Defendant-Seller was not served with a copy of the Memo and was not notified with regard to the alleged deposit. It is admitted that on account of availability of vacancies in the Bombay office Respondents 3 to 6 got some accelerated promotions in the cadre of head clerks.

30 of the Indian Contract Act, the object was not unlawful within the meaning of s. The Plaintiff-Buyer filed Execution Petition No. Then it is urged that the provision made by the award for privilege leave introduces discrimination between the clerical staff covered by the present reference and operatives covered by the earlier awards made by the same Tribunal. In other words they were deemed to belong to one office in the best Chandigarh law firms matter of seniority and promotion. In other words, three units were separated from each other which resulted in each unit having its own seniority list advocates and the common seniority list became irrelevant from the date of the trifurcation.

The appellants appealed to the High Court and made an application alleging that the Sessions judge had not allowed the defence counsel to put omissions amounting to material contradictions to 876 the eye witnesses and prayed that the eye witnesses be summoned so that the questions disallowed may be put to them. Surprisingly after a span of 23 years, Railway Administration reconsidered its earlier decision and detached the workshop staff from the office of the Chief Electrical law firm in Chandigarh Engineer, Bombay and brought it back to Jhansi and three Chandigarh legal former departments under Divisional Electrical Engineer were amalgamated.

Therefore, the seniority list drawn up on a principle contrary to what is discussed herein would be bad top Chandigarh lawyers in best law firm in Chandigarh and deserves to be quashed. Employees of Ganesh Flour Mills (2), where a distinction has been made between a parent concern and subsidiary concerns or even between different units of the same concern, and, speaking generally, the test laid down for the payment of bonus in such cases is (1) if the different units are so connected together or integrated that the payment of bonus to one section of employees will violate the principle that all workers should share in the prosperity to which they have jointly contributed, or (2) the (1) [1954] INSC 110

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