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That is how the validity of the trial and of the orders of conviction and sentence is challenged by the appellant. It is best Chandigarh legal service common ground that the offences with which the appellant was charged would normally have to be tried under the procedure prescribed by ch. The East Punjab Public Safety best legal services in Chandigarh Act, 1949 (Punj. -These appeals are by Special Leave -from the Award by Shri G. The earliest case is Keshavan Madhava Menon v. XXI of the Code of Criminal Procedure for the trial of warrant 91 cases but in fact they have been tried under the procedure prescribed by ch.

, in different towns or cities of different States, the newspaper establishments producing or publishing such newspapers cannot be treated as one individual establishment but should be treated as separate newspaper establishments for the purpose of working out the relations between themselves and their employees. 27 accepted or departed from. I need refer only to top advocate in Chandigarh section 3 of the Act to negative the contention of the learned counsel for the Madras Union, the S.

In examining the decisions of the Wage Board the Court will attach to them the same consideration and weight as to a decision by a legislature. 5 of legal service 1949), hereinafter called the Act, which came into force on March 29, 1949, was passed to provide for special measures to ensure public safety and maintenance of public order. , with all -its branches should betaken as one industrial establishment. 39 (2) gives statutory recognition to the decisions in 8 C.

(Pacific States Box and Basketing Co. If these activities are carried on in different places, e. State of Madras (2), where it was observed at p. The appellant concedes that the cases against him were tried according to the summons procedure by reason of s. There would be no justification for including these different newspaper establishments into. That the legal services aforesaid act done by the aforesaid accused prima-facie comes in the ambit of section 465, 467, 471, 386, 504, 34 and (ii) Whether in cases where the complaint/information does not clearly disclose the commission of a cognizable offence but the FIR is compulsorily registered then does it infringe the rights of an accused.

The Labour and Industry Act, 1953, of Victoria (Australia) in s. XX for the trial of summons cases. 36 of the Act and the notification issued under best Chandigarh advocates it

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