Community unity necessary to counter terrorism

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It is unsettling to know that there is something so ominous so close to home (Terror group JAD still a threat in Indonesia: Report; Oct 23). 인터넷카지노

It was not too long ago that an alleged plot to launch a rocket at Marina Bay Sands was thwarted by Indonesia's elite counter-terrorism team (Plot to attack Marina Bay with rocket from Batam foiled; Aug 6, 2016).

The siege of Marawi was the eventual wake-up call that prompted six South-east Asian countries - Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei and Thailand - to establish a joint working group that would create a common database, facilitate the exchange of personnel and share expertise, resources and experiences, including conducting joint training and operations.

Mistrust, especially that between international counter-terrorism agencies, has long plagued the world's nations, and we, in South-east Asia, have not been spared.

Nothing unites parties quicker than a common enemy, and it is encouraging to see the six nations coming together to engage in counter-terrorism collaborations. 인터넷바카라

As Asean chair this year, Singapore has served the region well by seizing upon its leadership role to advance the adoption of counter-terrorism stratagems that range from a counter-terrorism information-sharing network to a multilateral air code.

As terrorism continues to gain ground, merely relying on inter-governmental efforts will not be sufficient.

Now more than ever, there is a need for Singaporeans to not only stay vigilant, but also to embrace one another's differences and further strengthen our social fabric so that we can stand united and fight off a menacing threat together.

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