Don't educate kids just for economic survival

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Beyond class size, the attributes of teachers and students are important too. 안전놀이터

Mr Yeo Hem Joo cited from personal experience that more meaningful interactions with students in a smaller class improved his understanding of them and enhanced his effectiveness as a teacher (Don't consider just grades in debate on class sizes; Oct 26).

In tackling the new challenges of education in the IT age, where depersonalisation will be the normative pattern of behaviour in relationships, we need to go back to the basics on why we educate people.

Talk to anyone interested in people development and they will say that developing character is at the core of human development.

Talk to anyone interested in economic development, from parents to politicians, and they will say relevant knowledge and skills. 바카라사이트

Talk to anyone interested in harmonious relationships in a community and they will say mutual cooperation.

We should take these three as basic domains and educate people accordingly.

But first of all, character is more caught than taught.

So, living by example is more effective than didactic teaching to develop character in a school setting.

Can children emulate teachers and the school authorities through an osmotic environment that immerses them in catching crucial values of integrity that build character?

As for the acquisition of relevant knowledge and skills, we will readily acknowledge that this is the unstated primary aim of Singapore's education system.

It seems the various debates surrounding class size and grades stem from this primary concern. 인터넷카지노

We seem to be inordinately preoccupied with the second of the three domains that have been identified as basic concerns in educating people.

And its achievement thus far has been uneven, considering the continuing debates about school learning.

Perhaps we should be assigning resources to all three domains to educate our people rather than just focus on educating them for economic survival.

Then, perhaps the various debates on class size, teaching methodologies and the priority of teaching for teachers instead of doing administrative work will come into clearer focus.

Above all, educating people will become a lifelong endeavour that all will be immersed in, inside and outside of the classroom.

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