Bought and returned my iPhone X within one day

asked 2018-10-28 23:41:45 -0500

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Android user here. I have a nexus 6 and it's been slowing down so I wanted to try iOS. 바카라사이트

iPhone X checked off all my boxes (4K60 video recording, OLED and blazing fast chipset). The problem was in the software. First issue was Siri, I asked it some simple questions and it failed every single time. E.g. I asked for pictures of fried eggs and it came back with pictures on my phone.

Second issue was iTunes. iOS allows you to use different music players for audio playback but iTunes acts like a gatekeeper. It wouldn't let me transfer flac files even though Google Music happily plays that. There may have been workarounds but I'm too used to the 'just works' philosophy of Android and Windows.

Worse, you can't just drag and drop files to the phone. Again, iTunes won't allow that. Finally, on Android, I could use any audio (song or otherwise) as a ringtone. With iOS I have to crop songs, convert them, rename them, then hope that iTunes accepts them. 인터넷카지노

Again, with Android, it's stupid simple. The way Apple treats ringtones belongs in the same era as StarTac and Razer phones. We really shouldn't be jumping through hoops to have a specific song play for a specific contact. It's all so counter intuitive.

There were other problems (like how notifications work) that just soured the experience. All in all, Apple makes great hardware but they need to work on their software. It's pretty but sub-par compared to Android. I'll either hold on to this Nexus until next fall or grab a Note 8 if it goes back on sale.

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