With PWA support becoming standard, do we need OSes anymore?

asked 2018-10-26 07:56:15 -0500

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With the standard support of PWAs on basically all Browsers and OSes (aside from Linux) I think leads to an interesting conclusion. 인터넷바카라

No doubt that PWA will likely replace a vast majority of native apps in the short term, it's likely in the long term that PWAs will get increasingly capable and could, in theory, wipe out the need of operating systems.

I see a future where we no longer need an OS and instead we just rely on the cloud, (Azure, Google Cloud, AWS etc) to get information, an example of this is Cortana, Alexa etc, where the 'OS' is updated via the cloud, you don't need to add a firmware update.

Alexa, Cortana etc don't need to be dependant on an OS, an example is the Invoke, which runs on Linux and the Cortana thermostat runs on Windows 10 IOT. 카지노사이트

Instead all we need is a browser. initial Chrome OS and Windows 10's Sets had this idea. Where you launch your apps from the browser, in many ways they are your home screen.

Where do you see the concept of OSes going?

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