Homepod impressions after 5 days

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  1. Very good sound (thought not "great"). 인터넷바카라

Reviewers love to talk about how great the Homepod sounds. And which that it technically true, it's really only in comparison to other smart speakers (which in all honestly is not setting the bar very high). But even my old iPod HiFi that people loved to mock in its time sounds a lot better than the Homepod. And it only cost 350 dollars as well.

  1. Simple setup

The setup process is dead simple. Turn it on, hold an iPhone near it and press a button that pops up on the phone. Enter your Apple ID password and you are done.

  1. Works great as an Airplay speaker

Whether as a standalone Airplay speaker or as an extension of an existing set of speakers you play all at once (only from a Mac until Airplay 2 gets released this year) the Homepod performs beautifully. If you have an Apple watch you can even use it as a remote to fast forward or quickly tuner the volume up or down with the digital crown.

Cons: 카지노사이트

  1. TOO simple setup

If you have different Apple ID and iTunes accounts you are out of luck (no, you still can not merge those IDs 6 years after Tim Cook promised Apple was "working on it". Unlike every other Apple product, Homepod allows only one login. So if you want to listen to music AND be able to use the speaker as a smart speaker you are screwed. This is a maddening oversight and I'm guessing Apple will fix it. But to have this kind of brokeness on day one for loyal Apple customers who had iTunes ID long before .mac, mobile me, or iCloud even existed is just maddening.

  1. Voice controls just aren't that good.

Controlling the Homepod with just your voice is an exercise in frustration. About 30% of my requests confuse it. As it to "Play some Willie Nelsen" and it plays an obscure song by Miles Davis called Willie Nelson. I literally had to rephrase that request three times to get it to finally work. And this kind of thing happens all the time. Im in New Orleans during Mardi Gras and I ask the speaker to play some Mardi Gras music and it plays an single song with the word Mardis Gras in the title instead of a playlist. 온라인카지노

The frustration with voice controls drags on and on. And then you look down at your phone or your Apple watch expecting to see information about what song is playing or some music controls and.... nothing. That's because Homepod is relegated to the Home App ghetto which means all the ways you expect you devices to "just work" together no longer apply. Now you can solve this problem by using the Homepod as an Airplay speaker and that it does do well... but that that point what is the point of having the voice control part?

I'm sure many of these problems will get fixed with time and in spite of them I guess Ill keep the home pod because there is nothing else like it out there for Apple customers who use Apple Music and Apple services.

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