Let companies decide on best fit for them

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I think Nanyang Technological University (NTU) was doing the right thing by regretting that it held an exclusive job fair based on students' grade point average (GPA) (NTU 'regrets' holding career fair targeted at top students, Oct 9; GPA represents undergrads' hard work over long period of time, by Mr Ethan Chong, Oct 13; NTU should not be faulted for exclusive job fair, by Mr Cheng Shoong Tat, Oct 17). 온라인바카라

Although all undergraduates receive a GPA for their academic performance, it does not reflect the abilities of a graduate.

Companies recruit employees based on their respective needs as well as the diverse abilities of a candidate.

Some require outstanding oratorical skills, some organisational skills and others project management skills.

Setting a cut-off point using the one-size-fits-all GPA, though acquired over three to four academic years, is not a good indicator of our graduates' employability.

A job fair in the university is a platform for some of its future graduates to have a chance to meet their future employers.

Some who may not have the required GPA but have some outstanding knowledge in specific areas may be needed by these prospective employers. 카지노사이트주소

In reality, the challenges these graduates will face in their future jobs are tougher and more multi-dimensional, regardless of their GPA.

Ultimately, the job market is all about the best fit rather than the best GPA.

We should let employers determine who the best candidates are for their companies.

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