Chrome on iPad infested with Phishing Pop ups...Help!!!

asked 2018-10-25 00:04:26 -0500

diane253 gravatar image

Recently, I’ve been getting pop ups that lock of the browser until I click on the OK button and then it throws you to a bogus page that is probably trying to trick you into putting in personal info. It seems to affect random sites, but once that site is affected, it stays affected. I’ve googled solutions but nothing seems to work. 인터넷카지노

  • Kill browser, put iPad into airplane mode, open browser and kill the infected tab somehow, clear browser history.

  • Do the above and open up a bunch of tabs to force the infection out of a Chrome cache

  • Go to settings and and reset the Advertising Identifier.

  • Uninstall Chrome

Nada. The affected site eventually stops having issues but later a different site is affected.

What else can I try?

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