When is The Right Time to Ship?

asked 2018-09-28 05:48:34 -0500

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Listening and reading everyone’s comment on the HomePod it begs the question, when is it the right time to ship a product? 온라인바카라

If you were running a company would you wait till the product you’re developing is perfected and caters to everyone (long expensive risky wait)? Which would also mean there’s no need for revisions or updates if it’s perfected on the first gen.

Or would you establish a good go-to-market strategy having a multi-year roadmap ahead with updates and revisions as the product is developed and shipped as it goes. 온라인바카라

First gen for hardcore users knee-deep in the Apple ecosystem, second gen fix many things missing from first gen (continue improving Siri, get user feedback and maybe play nice with some others). And by their third gen introduced a family of devices pulling it all together. This is the same strategy with every one of Apple’s products.

Listening to techies say Apple should have waited to get Siri perfected and the likes, seems some people would have failed running a business. And hearing others not recommending the HomePod as though their needs and wants are everyone’s needs and wants.

If we look back at Apple’s product history going back from the iPod to the current Apple Watch, by the third gen is when everything usually comes together and truly takes sales to another level. 바카라사이트주소

No device is truly complete or 100 percent perfected before shipping. Did the Echo came out the door perfected without issue?

And no one’s needs or wants are exactly the same. We have the tech savvy pro users who usually require more features from a product and then we have the ‘normals’ where a first gen could be all they ever needed. And like me doesn’t get what all this fuss is about.

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