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Apple should skip Apple Car and build the Apple Drone

asked 2018-09-28 02:12:51 -0500

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So Ming-Chi Kuo has gone on to start talking about Apple Car supposedly coming out around 2023-2025. It may or may not be right, but either way, it's something that really shouldn't happen. It would be a huge waste of Apple's trillion dollar windfall if they blew it on self-driving cars. They should just make flying cars instead... 인터넷바카라 with Apple Drone.

The whole self-driving craze that's been going on in the last 5 years is the biggest and most wasteful, and I believe, unfruitful technological pursuit in recent history. Notwithstanding the loss of privacy and the huge amount of government investment in the infrastructure needed to create such a framework for self-driving cars to communicate with each other and create roads to accommodate for this, the biggest problem with self-driving cars is that they're just not needed. Humans are fully capable of driving things. It will always be cheaper to just hire a person to drive and to use combustion/electric engines (or even if it's just golf carts) to move around, then it will be to hire high-tech engineers to coordinate traffic lights and self-driving car software, with their ever-releasing patches and annual OS software upgrades. You're asking engineers to do something that doesn't need to be done. It's a gross case of overengineering. We don't need robots to help us brush our teeth. Or self-writing utensils that transcribe our signatures into documents. 카지노사이트

Humans don't need robots to make cars drive themselves, and it will always be cheaper to get humans to drive them and to have roads that are just roads and without any super-self-driving-coordinating-traffic system. In foreign countries like India or Vietnam they don't even use traffic lights. They're even more efficient than the developed world, in that sense. It's always going to be more expensive and more inefficient to do a self-driving scheme, and that's how I know it's never gonna take off as a mass transportation system. The biggest reason that seems to be touted for self-driving cars seems to be the whole "safety" issue, which is questionable (self-driving cars can still be hacked or glitch out and cause accidents), but if we really cared that much about safety we could just add caged bull bars in all directions into every current human-driven car and call it a day. 온라인카지노

About the only case where self-driving can be useful, is perhaps if we go to Mars and start mining red rocks where it'd make sense to have self-driving bulldozers, loaders and excavators helping out the self-driving dump trucks to bring out that rare Martian rock (that is not yet known to exist). Self-driving technology can be self-contained in a small area, where the liabilities are small (it doesn't matter if a heavy equipment gets into an accident) and where it may be inhospitable or unreasonable to send humans there, like underground or in space.

Self-driving technology of course has a been a boon for all the national laboratories and universities that get millions in grants and taxpayer money to help finance these out-of-this-world emerging technologies. They're great for exploring the theoretical and if you give people money, they'll keep milking the hype so that these start-ups can continue making money. They'd want the carrot in the stick to go on forever if they could. Even if they know it won't work in the long-run, it still doesn't matter, since the researchers and scientists make their money anyway. Hype and current scientific excitement is no indicator of actual technological progress or feasibility in the actual project itself.

Instead we need a leader in Apple to show the way and go straight towards flying vehicles. The flying Apple Drone. Forget about cars. Let people continue to choose to drive cars if they want, because there will still be uses for cars. Might as well keep the billions of dollars in roads and freeways that have already been invested and continue to be invested on. Instead, for our new transportation methods, let us take to the sky and go above our current transport systems, literally. If people are willing to have robots drive them around and instill their trust in them, you might as well just have them do it in the most efficient way possible.

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answered 2019-01-24 11:23:19 -0500

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updated 2019-01-24 11:27:46 -0500

Science is developing rapidly and new gadgets appear daily.I think Apple is losing very profitable cell of products nowadays. I don`t wanna write a lot about that because it would be better if you read all this information on AAfter reading all that you need, make your own opinion and write here. I am interested in a good discussion.

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