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Burn excess Fat Feed muscle Mass Review

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answered 2019-08-13 21:26:03 -0500

Best Romantic Whatsapp Status With Images

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Amber PArk ( 2019-08-14 22:31:55 -0500 )edit

answered 2019-08-06 10:41:50 -0500

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Cuttlefish Facts

image description Cuttlefish facts can be fun for children and adults. These sea creatures are mollusks mistakenly called a fish. They are found along the English Channel, near the Southern section of African and along the West coast of that continent. They have also been seen in the Mediterranean Sea. These creatures belong to the classification Sepia which covers the octopuses and squids among other animals.

CuttleFish Physical description The cuttlefish has a skeletal structure provided by the cuttlebone made of calcium. The cuttlebone is hollow and the density can be varied considerably by allowing water or liquid to pump in and out of the hollow spaces in the cuttlebone. This allows the cuttlefish to change its density at will and either float at the surface of the water or sink to the very bottom. This animal has a mantle and tentacles which provide a shape. The two fins of the cuttlefish are wrapped around its mantle. These creatures have eight arms and two tentacles and protruding eyes.

There is also a mouth hidden under the tentacles. The tentacles are used to capture food and are usually kept in a retracted position when not in use. The cuttlefish has the nickname β€˜the chameleon of the sea’ because of their ability to change color in the water. This is facilitated by some cells called chromatophores and can be triggered as a defense mechanism when the creature feels threatened. So, the color of a cuttlefish can be very different depending on its immediate background.

Cuttlefish uses the fins to swim. While moving forward, the cuttlefish jets water though a siphon in the mantle cavity. So the jet propulsion provides it more force than the fins which by themselves do not give the cuttlefish much speed. Noteworthy facts about the cuttlefish Another interesting facet of the cuttlefish is its eyesight. It is said to have one of the most developed eyesight among animals as it can see light polarization and it can look forward and backward.

The cuttlefish and the squid which belong to the same family have one thing in common. They both release an ink-like substance when they try to escape their predators. The fluid that is ejected is made of protein and it comes out as a cloud that confuses any creature trying to attack or capture the cuttlefish. It is said that the male cuttlefish is capable of displaying dual colors which make it appear female from one side and male from the other. It is said to be a useful trait when a male is trying to attract a female during the mating period while at the same time warding off other male competition. Cuttlefish tend to feed on crabs, fish, shrimps, mollusks and other cuttlefish. Cuttlefish breed by attaching eggs to surfaces under the water. Divers are advised to observe the cuttlefish without disturbing the creature because seeing them in their natural habitat is the best way to enjoy these sea creatures. Cuttlefish are seen as something of a delicacy in certain parts of the world and while they are not yet threatened creatures it is a good idea for human beings to reduce their consumption of these unusual sea creatures. Dolphins and sea lions are among the major predators of these interesting sea creatures. Cuttlefish has much to offer the interested observer. Like many things in nature, it has a startling complexity when examined up close and is evidence of the way, each creature on earth has evolved to best adapt to its surroundings. Indiscriminate hunting and eating of cuttlefish can easily destroy thousands of years of progressive development and is one more reminder to humans that we need t respect the natural world around us.

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answered 2019-08-03 03:53:06 -0500

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answered 2019-07-25 03:07:03 -0500

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hindiuser ( 2019-08-01 06:34:00 -0500 )edit

answered 2019-08-01 06:33:43 -0500

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answered 2019-07-31 08:14:49 -0500

pmagotra22 gravatar image

updated 2019-07-31 08:15:25 -0500

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answered 2019-07-14 10:29:45 -0500

1000+ [BEST] Attitude Status in English for WhatsApp & Fb

Attitude Status

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Whatsapp Status Videos ( 2019-07-20 07:42:15 -0500 )edit

1000+ [BEST] Kiss Status and Kissing Quotes {Cute & Funny} Are you looking for the (Best) Kiss Statuses? If yes, then this is the place where you will find the Kiss Status that will bring you guys together. Kiss quotes in English Looking for the Best Kissing Statuses? This collection has all the Kissing Statuses or Lip kiss quotes that will get you close to one another. After reading these Kiss Messages and Quotes you will love each other more. Kiss Status Status 1: A kiss is to share love and giving heart to your love, happy kiss day. Status 2: Law of kissing: any kiss that has been kissed can be re-kissed if the kisser and the kisses agree that the kiss which was kissed was a damn good kiss. Status 3: Its kiss day, just came by to say I love you.

Whatsapp Status Videos ( 2019-07-26 01:03:57 -0500 )edit

1000+ [BEST] Birthday Wishes for Brother {Cute and Funny} Are you looking for the (Best) Birthday Wishes for Brother? If yes, then this is the place where you will find the Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother that will bring you guys together. Birthday Wishes for Brother

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answered 2019-07-27 05:47:41 -0500

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