Runescape will Compete Abbey Road buy osrs gold

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osrs buy gold

1.png Enjoy RuneScape music? Of course you do. So, how would you like the chance to do something a little bit special?

RuneScape holds the Guinness World Record for the highest volume of original music tracks (1,202 at the time of writing). On December 12th, we'll be at Abbey Road studio for an exclusive recording session, and you and a friend could be there to enjoy every second - all expenses paid!

We want to know which RuneScape track is your favourite and why. Does it evoke a special memory? Does it remind you of an in-game milestone, or is it just a brilliant piece of music?

To enter, tell Runescape your answer on the forums, Twitter, Reddit or Instagram. For Twitter and Instagram, use #MyRuneScapeSong. Click here. Or you can also buy osrs gold on 4mmog and listen your favorite music in Runescape.

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