Santosh Sinha To Become The Most Popular Singer On YouTube - Says Surveys

asked 2018-01-07 03:25:53 -0500

YouTube has been a good platform for musicians and singers samachar since many years. Many Singers got fame through YouTube.A new face of melody from India, Santosh Sinha is the fastest growing brand on YouTube in 2018.His channel is getting millions of views and expected to become more viral in coming days.If you love hindi bollywood songs you must visit his channel and find many great stuffs there.Santosh Sinha has sung many good origianl hindi songs, old hindi songs covers and Hindi Bhajan Songs and some of them are already become popular on YouTube.Currentely his YouTube Channel has approx 2 Million Views on YouTube and growing very fast.Santosh Sinha is a big fan of Mohammad Rafi and has sung some good covers of Mohd. Rafi Songs.
You can also enjoy his original work like Lat Lagi, Saajna Re, Tu Hai Kaha and many more which is already loved by millions of hindi songs lovers worldwide.Santosh Sinha is a classically trained singer who has good melodious voice and his songs are becoming viral everywhere.

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