Heads Up!: Best app for families going to Disney World or Disneyland

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Face it — standing in line for hours and hours in a Disney park is the least enjoyable part of any theme park trip (even if the ride is totally worth a three-hour wait). But thanks to new technology, you no longer need to rely on playing old-fashioned games like "I Spy" with your family while standing in lines. If you don't already know, Heads Up! is basically a digital form of charades with built-in options for different themes.

The app itself is free, and so is the Disney deck for people inside the parks, but you have to purchase some of the other decks for $0.99 each. Lowyat's Ramadass, who first reported on the data leak on Oct. 19, said he has been working closely with MCMC since then, providing the regulator with links to the sites that let users download the data, which had then been blocked.  While it will take less than 20 minutes in Singapore, it will take more than a day in DR Congo, Burkina Faso and Gabon, the three worst ranked African countries.

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